Looking for someone….?   Found someone…..? Just curious….?

We hear from a lot of people who are most likely searching for information about members of their family tree but because so many files were destroyed in the devastating fire of 1917, their search may come to a screeching halt when their search leads them to Sumpter.

That’s why we are starting the Sumpter Genealogy Network. There is a chance that someone is looking for a particular person or following a lead to Sumpter for which someone already has information that can aid in their search.

We would like to offer our help in your genealogy work through our free network.

Just contact us with all the information you have available or with the information you are looking for, and perhaps someone will be able to help. We will provide your contact information so interested parties may be able to contact you directly, or through us.

You may directly respond here at our blog….or just send us an email:  info@sumptermuseum.org